Friday, December 03, 2004

Wreath Sold

I'm glad that the wreath was sold before the end of the auction. It went for $100. The turn out was good so the store was packed. I wonder if the sale would have been better if they didn't look so blend-in with everything else at the Restoration Hardware. There was a little mix up in the beginning on the identity of my wreath. I had seperately brought in the wreath and the card which had the sponsor's name and a little dedication message. I told the person who took the card from me to attach it to the wreath that's made out of candy. She did, but to a different wreath that had fake candy ornaments over an evergreen wreath. Luckily, as I was browsing around, I stumbled upon it and saw that the card was on the wrong wreath! So I took it and stuck it on mine. A client of mine and his wife were there when I pulled the card off and he said, "I was thinking, I don't think Michael's work is this traditional."

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