Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rent: Broadway vs Hollywood

Went to see an advance screening of Rent last night with Will. The theater was filled with fans and for a moment, I was worried that it would turn out to be a sing-along movie night. Apart from a big applause at the first big reveal of Angel in full drag, most people were respectful enough to wait until the closing credit for their own Karaoke moment. I'm not going to write a big review of the film because I'm sure there are way too many our there. However, I can't help but wonder if the effectiveness of the movie is totally based how well the film is made or because most of us are already so familiar with it and that our tear ducts automatically cued to work on certain scenes? The film stays very true to the Broadway version. Even the costumes are recognizably similar if not identical. Seasons of Love got moved up as the opening credit, and the hot, hot, hot track, Contact, was left out. I wonder if they're saving it for the "uncut" version on the DVD version? Anyhow, even though I totally expected that this is a musical, it still took me a few minutes to adjust myself to the "musical" mode. Tango: Muarine was my favorite in the movie. It was what I hoped each song is going to be for the film but the rest are pretty much the Broadway performance on film, with close-ups. Nevertheless, I still shed a tear and sing-a-long at the closing credit.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Revolution Tee

If you haven't checked out our recently launched, PodcastsUnite.com website , here's a peek of our launch t-shirt, entitled "The Revolution Tee". There are more exciting and fun items on the way! Shop, shop and shop!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Podcasters Unite!

Podcasters Unite!, originally uploaded by michaelongline.

PodcastersUnite.com is officially launched today. My brother and I started a new company that sells podcast related merchandise online. Most of the stuff sold out there are rather geeky. We felt the need to elevate the quality of the design both the graphic and the apparel. We have already shipped out a batch of promo t-shirts to a network of podcasters last weekend. We hope that they will get a first hand experience of the superior quality of our product and start passing the word around. So far, we only started with one design, and there are a few already been designed and are in production now. Please check out the site and order up a few t-shirts for yourself and as holiday gifts!

Art Show in December

Art Show in December, originally uploaded by michaelongline.

Here's the unofficial invitation we sent out to some friends yesterday. The show is called "Continuing Conversations". Suba and I have been doing joint shows since we were in college. This time it will be in a form of collaborative painting. Either of us start a painting and the other person end it, or we may go back and forth, just like a conversation. Just like best friends, it takes a lot of trusts to hand over something so personal and let the other person continue working on it, without any direction. It is a very exciting process and I hope people will feel the same excitement when the show opens in December 2, 2005.