Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Alaska Pictures, Finally.

It's been a week since we came back from our Alaska Cruise and between my brother and me, we took over a thousand digital photos. It's very overwhelming to edit them down to a manageable number. I figure the first batch of the photos should be the quintessential element of our trip - the magnificent Mother Nature. There's no other better way to immerse oneself in this amazing environment than going on the Alaska Cruise because one doesn't have to be an outdoorsy person to get to these destination. In fact, there are places like the Glacier Bay where there isn't really any other way to get there other than by sea or air. As beautiful as you can see on these pictures, they really don't justice at all in comparison to being present and be surrounded by the sheer vastness of nature.

Mount Rainier, WA. Photographed from our plane to Seattle.

Peugeout Sound, WA. The beginning of our 7 days cruise through the Inside Passage to Southeweat Alaska.

Skagway, Alaska, taken from the train on the White Pass & Yukon Route, looking down at a Class 6 rapid.

At the Inlet of Johns Hopkins, Glacier Bay, photographed from our ship. One of the most beautiful site I've ever seen in my life.

Looking at the breathtaking Johns Hopkins Glacier -- the jewel of Glacier Bay!

Margerie Glacier, right at the boder of Canada. It was exciting to witnessed a few glacier calves, which accompanied by its thunderous sound of cracking and plunging into the bay.

The mesmerizing color of the glacier. A closer look at Margerie.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Seattle Public Library

Thanks to free WiFi, I'm posting this from one of the coolest architecture in the US, the Seattle Public Library. It is built by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaa. It is an eleven story building, envoloped by a multi-angled glass skin. I went crazy taking photos in here.


Our family vacation started yesterday. John and I flew to Seattle a day ahead and we're meeting up with our parents later today. Then, on September 3, we'll take the cruise to Alaska. Due to the recent air travel security regulation, for the first time, I flew without my own bottle of drinking water. Southwest was kind enough to give out little snack boxes consisted of a few packets of little tit bits and a bag of Oreo chips. However, they only served us with a tiny cup of soda, perhaps about 5oz of liquid. I think I need to send this picture with an email to complain about the bad combination of food and beverages. They either have to super-size the drinks or quit serving Oreos.