Saturday, December 11, 2004

O Tanenbaum, O Tanenbaum

O Tanenbaum, O Tanenbaum,

To all the readers of my blog, Happy Holidays to all of you.

As the Yuletide season is fast approaching, I was debating whether or not to have a tree this year. I had a terrible experience once with a fresh tree and that had shied me away from the idea for years. Somehow, I revisited it again this year, perhaps just to entertain myself since my brother will be spending the holidays with my family in Malaysia; my best friend, Suba, will be in Montreal to celebrate her nephew's first birthday; and my boyfriend is perhaps going to visit his relatives in Colorado. That leaves me alone, all by myself. So, I've made up my mind to bring back the tree this year. A small and much manageble one. Here's the outcome of a fun filled crafty afternoon. I had been shopping for the ornaments for the past few evenings but had no luck finding the right size tree. After much running around town and calling a few places, I finally got the right one from a florist. This tree is a 4 foot Cedar Top, sparsely decorated with only 25 one-inch frosted globe lights, different sizes and shapes of glass ornaments, many shimmering icicles, and lime green & cream ribbons. The whole tree stands in a silver ice bucket with reindeer handles. I love the fact that it is unconventional, yet it has a touch of retro -- simple, monochromatic yet elegant. But most of all, I love it because it will be here with me this Christmas.

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Bruce said...

I like your card!
At the rate we're going, we won't have one this year. I haven't even put the evergreen roping & ribbons on the front porch railing. It might happen after school's out. We'll see.