Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Thanksgiving Images

Almost everyone at the table had a digital camera that evening, and these are the images from the second camera. We're such a bunch of visual people, and I'm sure the good times that we will remember of the evening are as beautiful as these images.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Eric!

It's Eric's birthday today and Naeem, Suba and I took him to Peach Tree restaurant on 18th and Vine to celebrate. The place is a very well-know soul food restaurant, and we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. None of us have been there before so it turn out to be a very pleasant experience. Of course, on the day after the mid-term election, all of us at the table have more than just Eric's birthday to celebrate!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two Months Flew By...

I remembered we started talking about my parents' visit about one year ago. Mom and dad always wanted to go on a cruise and we just decided that the timing was right and John and I would go with them to Alaska. A year later, they came and two month after that, they waved their hands and said goodbye to us. They left on November 2nd and have arrived safely in Malaysia a day and a half later. It was a bitter sweet farewell, as we live so far apart from each other and only get the chance to visit each other every other year. However, it always lead us to the planning of the next visit. There's always something for us to look forward to, and when we finally get to see each other again, we know we're going to have a great time because we simply don't have time for other mundane things if we get to see each other more often. I'm glad that my parents are blessed with good health and hope they will continue to be blessed for many years to come so they can visit us more often.