Thursday, March 22, 2007

SPACES April/May Issue, Pages 152-163

I just came back from the Preview Party of Spaces spring issue at the new restaurant called Trezo Mare. The food there was fabulous but who cares about the food. We're on page 152! Typically the entertainment section is not a very big, but this issue, we got a whopping nine pages spread (not counting the ads.) The article is filled with 25 colorful pictures from Kevin's sushi party, double the amount of pictures on the featured home on this issue's cover. Since it is a Spring issue, the editor requested something fresh and colorful, and between Kevin's home decor and the sushi we made, the pages are bursting with a kaleidoscope of spring colors.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Light and Shadow

This interesting image caught my eye as I was sitting in my living room today. The direct sunlight and reflected lights from various surfaces casted very fascinating shadows on the wall.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mural for The Shape of Things

Eric is directing a play called The Shape of Things which opens this weekend. His stage design calls for a large scale mural in an art gallery. Nicole and I agreed to paint it for him last weekend. We had a fun time putting it together. I first "Photoshoped" the pictures to get the graphic look I wanted, and then the images are projected onto the wall and traced. Then it was pretty much like paint by number filling in the paint. We spent a total of 5 hours on Saturday and just me alone another 4 hours on Sunday. I think it turned out rather stunning. I hope the director is as pleased as the artists.