Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Greetings -- Malaysian Style

Eric and I arrived in Penang from Kansas City on June 6, 2005, after 36 hours of flying and waiting at four airports in three countries. The journey was rather smooth (except a few screaming kids in the plane, which I'm cursed to be stuck with them whenever I fly), and the stay is very nice except it's hard getting use to the hot tropical weather. Even though I was born and raised here for over twenty years, it is always hard for me to adjust to the hot and humid climate whenever I come home to visit. So far, we've been greeted by family and friends with a very typical Malaysia tradition -- food, food and more food. We've been here for only three days, but I feel like we've eaten more than 30 meals! Now I know why one of the few things I missed living in the US is food from home. It is such a big part of our daily life here. It is very common to extend a meal from one restaurant to the other, a progressive meal, all impromptu. I wonder if our seats are wide enough for us when it's time for us to fly back to the US.