Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bravo, HMC!

Heartland Men's Chorus has done it again! Last night's holiday concert, With Bells On, was simply outstanding! Being part of the chorus, I was extremely proud of how high the level of their performance was. After GALA 2004 in Montreal, Canada, I decided to take a much needed break. I was glad that it allowed me to sit back and enjoy the full effects of the performance from the audience point of view. From the set design to the choralography, everything came together in perfect harmony. (No pun intended.) The balance of the religious and secular holiday songs, the juxtaposition of the serious and funny selections, and the contrast between the traditional and non-traditional pieces were meticulously crafted. I am not a music critic by any means but I know how to appreciate a stunning concert. Last nights performance was a total audio and visual treat for the audience and an emotional ride that pushed all the viewers' right buttons at the right moment. It was so hard for me to even pick a favorite piece because the performance came together so well as a complete concert. All the songs complimented each other and made every individual one unique. However, if I have to pick one, the Silent Night, Holy Night selection was by far the most powerful of all, something I've never seen or heard before. Just when you thought how many Silent NIghts can a chorus sing after 19 years of Holiday concerts, they totally surprised the audience by singing it in sign language. After the first verse, the chorus repeated the same verse. This time, in total silence. They continue signing, but no music nor singing. They sang in "silence". The audience just held their breath, awed by the haunting simulated "new" experience of being deaf and how we often take all our senses for granted. Some of us were moved to tears. Congratulations to the Chorus for all the hard-work and such a superb performance. Bravo! I can't wait to go back and sing with you guy for the next concert.

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