Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Picture Perfect Afternoon

A Picture Perfect Afternoon

Since there will be quite a few friends traveling during the holiday season, we've decided to celebrate it earlier this year. Naeem, Will, John Sims, Suba, Eric and I went to the recently opened restaurant on the Plaza -- Brio -- to have lunch. After the wonderful meal, we all went to Will's place to exchange gifts and for some hot cocoa and dessert. The cake was scrumptious and the gifts were fabulous. The best part of this gathering was the time being together, and the thoughts we had for each other especially during the holiday season. It just warmed my heart to be in the same room with my close friends. Will has a gorgeous apartment. It is so nicely decorated that it seems like an instant set for a photo shoot. There were an art director, a graphic designer and a photo stylist in the group, so needless to say, the afternoon had turned into a photo session. However, the pictures above were taken spontaneously, without any art direction or extra styling. Somehow, without trying, the palette and the visual elements just turned into a Burberryesque picture. So, I just had fun with it!

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Washer's World said...

Yes it was a wonderful heartfelt evening. I was there too.
It was so good to be around close friends. Later the very same evening...another very good friend of mine shared that he is thinking of moving to a different city for better job opportunities. I also lost my father early this year... So... embrace every moment with close ones. Nothing stays is always moving and changing. This season learn to embrace the present and be blessed for what that moment brings you.