Thursday, January 13, 2005

Queer Eye Gone Queerer

I frowned when I first saw the promo for "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl," but I thought I'll hold my judgment until at least after I watch an episode. True enough, this supposedly sister show hosted by the "Gal Pals" was just too hard for me to swallow. The whole concept of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guys" is to allow gay men who are (generally speaking) more in tuned with their feminine side to teach straight men a few tips to achieve the balance of their yin and yang. Women in general find gay men attractive because of their sensitivity to their feminine side. Metrosexual is IN and that's why the show is popular. Men want to learn a few tips to win women's hearts and women want to believe that their men can be buffed and polished into the Metro they've been dreaming of. As for "Girl", what is the point of the show? If it's just a make-over show, why bother making it into a Queer Eye spin-off. Isn't all male stylists and pros of every make-over show queer anyway? No offense, but isn't it totally queer to ask a lesbian about tips on how to be a lady?! Well, believe me. Her title is " Honey, the Lady"! Apparently her full name is Honey Labrador. What's with that? A pet name? I don't care if she modeled before in her past life or conditions her hair every time she shampoos. She was all giddy as soon as she put on a tool belt and had a power tool in her hands in the first episode. Maybe the other Gal Pals should seek advise from her on how to be a butch construction worker. So, what's the appeal of this show? Will straight men want to see any show that has less than two lesbians in it? Will straight girls be excited over learning the exfoliating tips from a lesbian, who's know as "The Lady"? Will gay men want to see a Cinderella story without the bitchy stepmother? And most of all, will the lesbians want to see a show that obviously added a token lesbian just so Bravo can broaden its viewership? Or, perhaps they're trying to be inclusive. I wonder what's next.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, this is David from Pasadena. I have watched a few shows of the new Queer Eye and I am already over it. Maybe I am burned out on the whole concept or maybe I am a misongynst that can't relate to women being the ones made over. The guys on "Straight Girl" are definetely cuter but are also SO MUCH MORE GAY (if I can say that) than the "Straight Guy" show. But I do think the house in LA is very cool looking.

Apparantely, Honey was given as a nickname by her grandmother when she was born (according to an article I read in Out magazine). I am not hearing any 'buzz' on the show by anyone watching the show. Perhaps I am not the only one over the concept. I think the audiance is straight women, cause they want to be able to watch another women who looks worse off than they are and laugh about it (or am I being too jaded).

By the way, when I was in Palm Springs last Memorial day, I did see Michael from "Exteme Home Makerover" (which stars Ty Pennington of Trading Spaces) at a gay club.

Hope all is well in KC. As of Feb 4 here in LA the weather is FABULOUS! :-)