Thursday, January 06, 2005

My Time Capsule

My Time Capsule

This was my first car.
My parents got me a used 1969 Fiat 850 as soon as I got my driver's license when I turned 18. I had it painted a bright school bus yellow just to make a loud statement since it was almost as old as I am. My school mates all nicknamed it -- "Porsche".
I had many memorable times, not so much on the performance of the car but the experience of riding with many friends in the short few years that I owned it. The stories and gossips that we exchanged, the fights between friends, and the crazy "big squeeze" of 11 guys to avoid walking in the rain between school buildings, the rides of my teacher because he's too afraid to drive, ran out of gas on the road that cut across a cemetery, broke down halfway in the middle of rush hour traffic, smoke came out from the engine due to over heating while climbing up a steep hill, my sister got stuck somewhere because she could not figure out how to put the gear into reverse... the stories go on and on. In a way, even though it is a funny looking old car, it is a time capsule that instantly transports me back to my wonderful teenage years. I miss my first car.


Josh Huang said...

Any prize to those who can recall the number plate? I can! Still remember the number but forgot the prefix alphabet.

michaelongline said...

I remember the number, too. It's 1528. Can't remember the prefix. I wonder if I still have any photos of the car at home?