Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cell Phone Withdrawal

I went to work yesterday without my cell phone. Of course, I thought I had it in my bag the whole time until when I was about to leave my office that I realized it was no where to be found. I thought it was in my car and even went back to my office again to look for it again after I left. My mind began to track back where I had been the whole day, and I wasn't sure if I had left it at the Taj Mahal where I had lunch. I had already planned on meeting Will and Naeem for dinner and a movie later, so I didn't have time to go home to look for my phone. The whole time I felt really uneasy because I was worried that plans might have been changed, and I was not informed. I was worried that Eric might call to let me know he's going to join us and couldn't get ahold of me. My mind was just wandering in all directions that things might have changed and I was the last one to know about it. I was the same guy, whom a few years ago thought I really don't have the use of a mobile phone. The reason that I got it is that it just looked cool to have a cell phone as an accessory for your ensemble. Who would know that I would become addicted to my phone, that I have lost all trusts in my friends, that any appointments that we made verbally or through e-mail can be easily vetoed by just a phone call. My phone may very well not ring at all, but by just having it on me makes me feel like I'm secured and I have the right to be running a few minutes late, or change my mind on a restaurant or movie time... I was glad to see my phone sitting there at home when I first walked in after the movie. There was five unanswered calls: one from Eric telling me about his evening plan; one from Will asking if the restaurant was the right one because he was the only one on time; one from Jeff asking me last minute if I would like to join their trip to St Louis for the weekend; and two other calls from me tracking down my phone. Well, I guess I am not the only one who depend on my cell phone to make last minute plans or changes. I did get a few calls while my phone is sitting in my house. Almost all my friends has cell phones nowadays, and I bet almost all of them feel the same way if they leave home without their phones.

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