Sunday, April 22, 2007


I had a little mishap today on my way to the pre-DIFFA party. It was a extremely beautiful spring day and I was all dressed up and ready for tonight's big event. I was singing Dreamgirls. Totally relax and not in a hurry. I stopped at a stop sign, let one car pass, and then started to cross the street, and there was a car right behind the other one that just passed which must be at an angle that was totally hidden from my POV. I didn't even realize it was there until it was in front of me and I didn't even have time to react to it. The passenger side headlight hit the other car's side door. We both stopped and came down to check our car, and luckily no one was injured, and the driver was very nice and polite. We exchanged insurance information and went to the nearest police station to make a report.

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