Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dining By Design

The party must go on! Despite the little mishap, I went to the annual DIIFFA - Dining by Design charity event which many of my peers were the designers for the tables. This years tables were extremely beautiful. And Suba got a Herman Miller Eames Rocker from the silent auction for a great deal. Will came back to Kansas City for this event, and we all had a great time. Here are some of my favorites. I particularly liked HNTB's table designed by my friend Wes. It was the minimal yet well designed. The table was a big light box and there were cutout circles for the wine glasses, plates and vases, so everything was under lit. There were also projectors hidden under the table that projected images onto the ceiling panels and there were two walls on each end of the table and both projected images onto the other side. And of cause, the table was sexier thanks to the beautiful Philippe Starck's Hudson Chairs. Bravo to all the designers. A bunch of us at at Kevin and Jonathan's bird theme table and the reported from the Kansas City Star loved it and took a few photos of us at the table for the People's section. First the SPACES magazine and now the Star. We're going to be over exposed!

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