Friday, July 29, 2005

Deep Thoughts on My Birthday

I often find it interesting that human being are so drawn to the concept of time, which is related to the change of the position of the moon and stars, and the seasons and the tides. Somehow, we feel like we have the need to count the repetitious occurrences that surround, including our our age. Has it anything to do with the fact that we use it as a marking to valid ourselves to behave certain way according to social norms, or perhaps to acknowledge the inevitable aging process in our lives and the survival of another 365 days? I don't intend to demean the essence of birthdays, but somehow, it is just another many markings we carve on a pole that may or may not mean anything certain people. I like to see birthday as a reminder, just like a photo reminds you of a certain love ones. Birthdays remind me of looking back and evaluate the past 12 months, and then making goals for the coming year, very much like most people do on New Year's Day. As the marks on the pole is getting higher each year, it certainly feels like I'm making them much quicker then before. I used to remember that when I was a little child, I had to wait forever for Christmas to come around. Now, I often catch myself asking, "that was 3 years ago?!" So, why is time flying by so fast? Most people say when you're having a good time, time flies. That doesn't mean that I had a terrible childhood. I just think now I have a lot more going on in my life than ever. I have more responsibilities, obligations and stress. I also have more friends and more people that I really care for that I need to spend time with. These makes the slices of a pie much smaller; which means each bite is even more precious to me than before. I guess if I were to look back and evaluate my pass, I realized how blessed I am for being able to share my slice of my pie with my friends, my family and my lover. And yet I still have enough leftover for myself. I cherished every moment when I'm with them, and I strived to make each moment a pleasant experience for everyone. My birthday wish is to have many more of these wonderful moments ahead of me so I could share it with my love ones. It is hard to live halfway across the globe from my family and friends. I only get so many days in every other year to see them. However, just like anything else, the experience is more precious when it is so rare that we get to see each other anymore. Everything else in life is material. Relationships are the true essence of happiness in life.

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OMG we share the same birthday!

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