Thursday, July 28, 2005

Birthday Poem from Joshua

Here's a poem that my best friend Joshua e-mailed me. Sounds like a suck-up poem to me. The last Friday of July 2005 is the birthday of a very big hunk, You would be sadly mistaken to EVER call this guy a punk. When he walks in - you'd think a movie star just entered the room. You'd think someone so good-looking would have a few flaws, But his artistic talents again put me in awe. His job entails much skill with generating ideas and being creative How wonderful to get paid to do something you like. So adept in art and design even Wong-Kar-Wei would be impressed, Such talent, such charm, what more can I stress? He's so kindhearted and likeable; cool, calm, collected demeanor, what more can I say? But Best Wishes to Michael-Ong-Chee-Heng and Happy Birthday!

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