Friday, November 19, 2004

Priceless Juxtaposition

Priceless Juxtaposition

While I was shopping at Costco today, I came across something rather amusing. As usual, I took my regular route, sweeping the big aisle anti-clockwise, and never fail to stop at the big stacks of DVDs. As I was scanning through the titles to see what's new and what's cheap, I found Showtime's female version of Queer As Folk, the first season of "The L Word". And there in front of my eyes, underneath the pink and the oh-so-lipstick boxsets, were the discs of "The Passion of the Christ!" Was it a coincident, or perhaps a joke?
I was glad that I had my newly acquired spy-cam (code name 007) handy, and got a shot of this funny picture. I guess, this is perhaps a simple illustration of the fact that, even though we're living in the middle of the "red state", there is still some "pink" among us. And they're not afraid to be on top.


johnnyboy said...

Yes, I agree. In a country that seems so polarized, there is much in our world that makes us stop and think...are we really that different from each other? I care to say no. We are of one mind and one people!
We all need to learn a little compassion!
I'll get off my soapbox now!


michaelongline said...

Very well said, Johnyboy. And thanks for being the first person to respond on my blog! Hope you come back again.