Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick or Treat?

Well, Halloween came and went, and it was one of the most memorable one because my parents were here experiencing it for the first time. There are probably less then 10 children on our blook, but somehow, kids from don't know where just appear every year during this time. I mean bus loads of them! We decided to go to the 6pm Mass at the Cathedral because none of us wanted to get up too early after the big party at TakeTwo on Saturday night, (which I will talk about it in the future posting). The first group of trickortreaters showed up as we were leaving at around 5:30pm. So, I said, "Tough luck. Go to the next door." Less then 2 hours later, as we were entering our block, there were cars parked on both sides of the street, and trickortreaters everywhere, in the chilly rainy evening. As I was getting into my house, my neighbor dashed out and said, "I'm turning my lights off. All my 200 pieces of candies are gone! You're taking over." So we did. Between 7:30pm to about 9pm, we gave out about 200 candies! In other words, about 400 kids showed up in less then 4 hours! I was glad that we didn't miss the crowd because it's a culture not to be missed if you're not from the US and I want my parents to have the chance to give out candies to the kids. They not only gave out candies, they alsio took quite a few pictures of the cute trickortreaters. And they also took some of their own, in costumes. They seemed to have a good time. I'm glad that their last night of their 2 month visit was a really special one. And for next year, I now know how many trickortreaters to expect. Or perhaps I'll go out of town...

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