Monday, April 14, 2008


There's a Robot in our dining room! This is my latest art acquisition for the house. It is a hand signed limited edition silkscreen by Brian Flynn. (4/25). 40.5" x 35". The fun part is, it glows in the dark. Since I our dining room has huge floor to ceiling panels of windows, I framed the artwork with a UV protection glass. Now I'm not sure if the artwork will glow in the dark anymore since the UV was filtered out by the glass. What type of light charges the glow-in-the-dark phosphors? Visible light or UV light? Anyone?

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庄严立湍 said...

G'dday mate!

thought you may like the song
Remember our english teacher mrs khoo? Hehe.

You can click on the singer's name and lots of good old memories will come back...