Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who is Superman?

I came back from lunch today and sitting at the front desk of my office was this crazy big Valentine gift. It was a huge stuffed with a rose in it's mouth, and above it was 10 huge helium balloons in the shape of roses. And it was for me! I opened the envelope and inside was a hand-made card that said, To my sweet Michael from Superman, written with glue and glitter! Superman!? Clark Kent? Who could that be? I had tried to investigate as much as I could but I still could not figure it out. So whoever you are, Superman, thank you for such a thoughtful gift but please reveal yourself before I go crazy. How bizarre!


Josh Huang said...

Do we know who Superman is now?

michaelongline said...

Sorry I forgot to post the update. Yes, my clients from an Advertising Agency decided to pull a prank on me! I found out on the next day while we were having a business lunch together. We all had a good laugh.