Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello. iPhone.

Today is like 1984, the year Macintosh was introduced. Just like the Mac has revolutionized desktop computers, the iPhone has revolutionized mobile phones; not only mobile phones, but touch-screen technology! I was totally fascinated by the user interface and how natural and tactile the touch screen experience, I didn't even pay too much attention to the feature of the phone. I remember when Steve Job first showed the "pinching" gesture to zoom and out of a page, I was floored. That was a "Minority Report" moment and I had been waiting to try it with my own fingers since then and I have to say, I am absolutely impressed! My good friend Cello and his wife each bought one today. I longingly looked at the bag in their hands, and wished I have that kind of a disposable income to drop $500 for a super-cool phone just like that. One thing I'm afraid of is that the a year from now, Apple will come out with an even cooler model! When is it going to end? I did feel a little embarrassed calling with my Motorola PEBL, which seems really cool when I first got it. Now my PEBL is more like a fossil.

By the way, this photo was taken at the Apple Store using PhotoBooth on one of the iMacs and e-mailed to myself. How fun!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your excitement about the iPhone. The craziness here in the Bay Area is unbelievable. Loved your comment about the Pebl now a fossil.
Woo-hoo! Keep enjoying Life!

theng said...

Hey Michael,
It has been ages, so how have you been. I visited your sister last month and your parents told me about you and your brother...prompted me to check out your blog.
I was browsing your the other blog regarding the house that you are building. Sorry to learn that you stop the house project. But I am sure you will find another better land to realize your dream.
Please send my regards to you sister and parents.