Monday, July 10, 2006

My Ecological Footprint

Environmental issues are not news to many people, but recently, it has become a major topic in our daily conversation. Perhaps it's because gas price has climbed up to $3.00 a gallon now. Al Gore's movie An Incovenient Truth which came out at the right time opened many people's eyes, and Who Killed the Electric Car?, another interesting documentary is coming soon, which I'm sure will make people want to go out and get a hybrid car immediately. With all these eco-talk, I've decided to take the Ecological Footprint Quiz to test and see my lifestyle, as an individual, impacts the planet. Before I took the quiz, I thought my eco-footprint would be smaller than the average American, since I grew up in Asia, and I've learned not to be wasteful. To my surprise, I scored a whopping 33 points! An average American's Eco-footprint is 24 acres, and mine is 11 acres more! (The Ecological Footprint measures the amount of ecologically productive land and sea area it takes to sustain an individual in a year.) Yikes! My worst score is under "Shelter". I guess apparently, living alone is not environmental friendly. You can take the quiz at

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