Saturday, March 18, 2006

San Francisco Trip

I just came back from a one week vacation in San Francisco with Eric. The trip was fabulous and we did the very typical tourist stuff except I didn't have my camera with me! This is a first for me, going on a vacation without my digital camera. I found out about the absence of my camera in my bag on our way to the airport. That morning I had taken it out to clear up my memory card and must had forgotten to put it back. I was rather disappointed because I never leave home without my camera, but Eric has his with him so it was not the end of the world that I don't have mine with me. In fact, I convinced myself it would be a change for me because now I can truly experience my vacation and not trying to capture my memories through the view finder and miss out on the real deal at that moment "live!" I think it was the second day and I could not resist myself because I was itching to recording my experience with a camera, so I got myself a very low-tech disposable camera from Walgreens for $6.99. Of course, I had only 27 exposures and no zoom. I totally forgot how one has to conserve film because there's a limit to how many pictures one can take, and that one can't view the picture immediately after each click. It was certainly a refreshing experience because I vaguely remember the feeling of anticipation of each exposure and the excitement "risk taking" because of the uncertainty of the outcome. Later, I realized that I should not be complaining because at least I was using a 35mm film! Even though the camera is just a cheap plastic camera obscura with a flash, the medium itself was arguably more superior that digital. The first thing I walked into the door today was to look for my digital camera, to see where I so carelessly left behind. I looked around but it was nowhere to be found. I got panic and when back to my bag and ransacked the whole thing and sure enough, all these while, my digital camera was in my bag, which went with me to San Francisco and back, hidden between the torn lining, à la Carrie Bradshaw's signature necklace she thought she lost at the Dior store in Paris. Well, looks like I don't need my digital camera after all for me to remember this trip!

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