Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lights On!

The preview of the illuminated Bloch Building, taken from the East side of the museum, photographed by michaelongline.

Lights on over the new reflecting pool, photographed by michaelongline.

I drove by the Nelson-Atkins Museum this evening and still under-construction addition of the museum was illuminated from within. The new wing built by architect Steven Holl is scheduled to open in 2007, but it has stirred up quite a controversy in the city because most people think it doesn't appear to be the same as what's been promised. I think the light was turned on to allow people to experience the luminosity of the structure at night. What's shown here is one of the five glass skin structures situated at the north end of the campus. Being a great fan of the museum, I am very excited about the project from the beginning and is looking forward to the completion of the addition so I can totally experience the architecture inside and around it. Therefore I shall refrain myself from commenting on the architecture until it's open to the public. As for now, I'll just enjoy the little preview of surprise light show by the museum.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago, they had a similar lighting, but of only a section of the building. This too, I think, was to calm the nervous questions as to the final look. Its difficult to imagine what ANY building will ultimatley look like when it is under construction, but hopefully these 'previews' will help calm the masses. Im also looking forward to the grand opening. Great photography, by the way!

Bruce said...

Wow, the buildings look FAR nicer when lit up ... and they certainly look better than we were worried they would.

Marc Fink said...

The Bloch Building is constructed of custom LINIT channel glass imported from Lamberts by Bendheim Wall Systems, www.bendheimwall.com. Michaelongline has the right idea by waiting to comment until the complex is finished and will open in 2007. In the meantime, at www.stevenholl.com you can see the recently opened Steven Holl LINIT channel glass project at Pratt Institute. For more information on Nelson-Atkins, explore the Museum's thoroughly detailed site and you are welcome to call me regarding other LINIT/BWS projects at 800-221-7379.