Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Prom Horror Stories

Today, a string of e-mail among my friends regarding dinner plans for this weekend has somehow evolved into a prom horror story exchange. Having not growing up here in the US, the idea of going to the prom is fascinating, yet intimidating. I certainly don't have any of my own story to share but here are some of my friends' from today's e-mail: "...except there won't be a jug of cheap wine in the trunk that we can drink later on at some park so that we can go "all the way". That was the horror of my senior prom. Susie Schultz (fat blond) and I were up for prom king and queen. She had a peach dress on with white roses. I had a white tux with peach boutonniere. She had a jug of wine and had plans for us after the prom. I had to do some pretty quick side-stepping and fast-talking to get out of that one!!! Whew! barely made it out alive. Never did bang her, thank God!" "...Well at least your date didn't leave the prom with her ex-boyfriend because she (at least) knew he was good for some back seat sex. So I had to drive around in my powder blue tux until midnight pretending like I hadn't been dumped. By next school day, it had gotten out and I was the butt of jokes for a week. Gee, thanks Will for dragging up my favorite high school memories!!" "...Well, since we're talking about Prom memories, my date had the nerve to wear a red polyester number with blatantly cheap white shoes from JCPenney after she told me she was wearing a stunning black and white ensemble. My corsage and boutonniere were specially dyed to be black and white and she threw off my color palette for the entire evening. I think my expression said it all when she descended the stairs. I was so embarrassed that I actually didn't want to have my picture taken for posterity because of the fashion faux pas. After all, the evening was all about me- she was just along for the ride. The nerve of that girl."

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