Sunday, February 06, 2005

In My Mother's Eyes

This is a beautiful and moving song from the Heartland Men's Chorus Spring concert. I just want to have it on my blog and share it with everyone. Tenderly she held me as a child upon her knee. She would rock away the nightmares that startled me from sleep. She would wipe the tears of my fears away, and whisper, "there's no need to cry." And I knew what she said was true, for truth shined in her eyes. Tenderly she held me still as I became a man. Never was her lap too small or comfortless her hand. And through the years there has been no doubt of the value of my life... And I heard every loving word, for I was worthy in her eyes. In my mother's eyes, laughter danced like starlight. In my mother's eyes, courage never faltered. In her eyes, oh how I could find such peace of mind. In her eyes, I realized all I could be. In my mother's eyes, the gift of love was granted. In my mother's eyes, my dignity was planted. In her eyes, all of my dreaming seemed possible. In her eyes, I realized all I could be. Tenderly I hold her now, old and frail become. Never was a mother's love as her love for this son. And when the time has finally come that we must say goodbye... I pray she sees the love in me that I found in my mother's eyes. Music by Robert Seeley Words by Robert Espindola

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AshleyElizabeth said...

I want the sheet music for this song!